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.: Welcome to Bellablake BologneseShiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake

After we both fell in love with the Bolognese breed in 2009 we were lucky enough to be able to give a lifelong home to our first baby Bolognese "Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake" or "Lottie" as we affectionately call her.

What a delight these little dogs are to live with, they are highly intelligent, eager to please, playful & fun yet laid back & never a nuisance unless they want something!

Our Lottie is pretty quiet & independent, not a yappy type of dog at all. We get greeted by waggy tails & a few barks if we have been out of the house & she will bark to alert you that something is out of place or that someone is knocking on the front door. She is soon to settle down again once she has done her bit.

.: How did we come into the Bolognese breed?

Heather & Lottie at Leeds Champ show in 2010

Having kept larger breeds for many years we decided it was time to change to a smaller breed. We still have our Old English Sheepdogs which we adore & wished to find a smaller breed with a similar appeal.

The ideal would be a small dog that had the look of the Old English but one that could be groomed on a table. So we began our search and via the wonderful internet we came across the fabulous Bolognese. We phoned for advice and guidance from the Bolognese Club and were kindly given the number of a relatively local lady to us who keeps & shows Bolognese. She was happy to let us meet her dogs, so we duly went and got our hands on the adults and spent some time with them. We wanted to get a feel for the coat, their personalities and their nature, needless to say we fell in love with them.

That was the easy part but the next was having to face a probable long wait for such a rare breed and a quality puppy especially as I wanted to show the puppy too. We were all set for a long but patient wait for the right little girl and then out of the blue we were graced and entrusted with a little girl from the founder of the club herself - who was one of the first people to introduce them into the UK, Liz Stannard. We knew that for her to trust us with a puppy of hers we owed her a great deal to ensure we did indeed do her puppy justice as best we could as soon as we were able. Unfortunately due to other commitments we were unable to attend any shows for the first 10 months of Lotties life however our journey with her in the show ring began in the spring of 2010. And what a start we had - the results can be seen on this web site which you are most welcome to visit here.